SharpSpring has launched a social platform and content calendar tool to make marketing more automated and relevant to customers.

It’ll post content to most social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and it will also listen to conversations, flagging up any relevant material businesses can re-use to target its customers.

It’ll also track conversations using hashtags, competitor profiling and keywords, ensuring the right people are seeing the right content at the right time.

Forming part of its digital marketing offering, SharpSpring Social will automate the social discovery process, including increasing brand awareness, generating leads and boosting engagement with highly targeted campaigns.

Hot leads are identified using lead scores that are adapted according to their engagement with posts. Those viewed as likely to convert are automatically sent marketing collateral, while businesses are autonomously sent sales notifications if a lead buys.

SharpSpring Social also includes reporting, measuring the ROI of social strategies.

“Social is a key component to all of my clients’ marketing strategies,” Gene Shimshock from SharpSpring client Third Chapter Partners said. “Being able to bring it all together in the SharpSpring platform is an exciting opportunity to develop new programs and better serve our customers.”

The company’s content calendar will allow businesses to publish content directly from the calendar, without having to switch applications at all. It shows all scheduled content across all marketing channels, including emails, blog posts and social content.

“SharpSpring’s social features will help customers grow their businesses by giving them new, powerful conversion tools that turn social interactions into opportunities to generate sales,” SharpSpring CEO Rick Carlson said.

“SharpSpring Social and the Content Calendar also give our agency partners an additional opportunity to expand the digital marketing services they provide clients.”