The first Romanian-designed humanoid robot has been demonstrated in the country, capable of grabbing, holding and dropping items and even answering questions.

French designer Gael Langevin has demonstrated his humanoid robot for the very first time to the public, in Bucharest, Romania. In 2011, he created the first 3D printed prosthetic hand and he used the same methods to create this humanoid robots, printing each element using a 3D printer.

Once it connects to the internet, Langevin’s robot is capable of responding to any question the user asks of it using Wikipedia to find relevant information.

The robot repeats the question to unsure it understood it, then searches the free encyclopaedia to find the information it needs to relay back to the user. Langevin’s robotic innovation can speak many languages such as Spanish, French, Russian, English and Dutch.

Langevin admits his robot is not perfect yet though and will need some tweaking to make it even more intelligent in the future.

“This is a little bit like Geppetto building Pinocchio. You make a robot and you send it in the world and you see what the others are going to do with it,” Langevin said.

The humanoid robot costs 1500 euros. Some experts think that it will be soon used in schools, hospitals and universities.

But Langevin’s robot isn’t the only one hoping to take Romania by storm. Romanian graphic designer Paul Popescu has demonstrated another humanoid robot and wants to program it to be able to speak Romanian, holding conversations with others in a more natural way.