Marvel has joined forces with Skyrocket Toys on the creation of a new drone called the “Spider-Drone,” a duplicate of the 8-legged drone Spider-Man uses in the next film in the arachnid-themed franchise, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

While most Spider Man fans can only ever dream of getting their hands on the impressive piece of kit used by one of Marvel’s most-loved superhero, Skyrocket Toys is making those dreams come true with the launch of the Spider-Drone. It is way more than functional duplicate of the tech used by the super hero in the movie.

Two versions are available, depending on your obsession with drones and the Spider-Man film (plus how deep your pockets are).

The standard Spider-Man drone is a model costs from $89.99 (£70). It features dual flight modes for beginner pilots and a more advanced mode. It’ll auto launch and land, making the job of flying it a little easier and will arrive in the UK in July.

For more hardcore fans, the Spider-Man Streaming Video Spider-Man is almost double the price at $150, but it includes the value-added feature of allowing the user to stream high definition videos. That latter version will be available from July 1st if you’re in the US.

For those not willing to wait for so long until they buy into the hype, the Spider-Man drone is available to pre-order from Smyths Toys now, with stock expected to arrive between 7th and 21st July, but for the slightly higher price of £99.99 for the standard drone. The company hasn’t revealed whether it’ll be getting the video version.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to open in June 28. It is produced by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios.