Parrot may be best known for creating drones that take beautiful aerial photography or just leisure drones that encourage everyone to get experiencing the skies.

However, it’s gone one step further, introducing the Mambo FPV drone, designed specifically for getting around fast, or race, in fact

Built upon the idea of the original Mambo, which was created to filmed one’s surroundings, the Mambo FPV combines its flying prowess with a first-person-view quad design, complete with an attachable HD camera. It’ll shoot at a resolution of 720p, which may not be as serious as some of the 4K-equipped drones out there, but the Parrot Mambo FPV drone is designed for speed and agility rather than high-resolution video footage.

It can be controlled with your phone and Parrot’s FreeFlight Mini mobile app loaded or you can use the company’s Cockpitglasses 2 headset, offering a real-time view as if you’re flying the Drone for realz. The third controller option is the Flypad controller, which means you can fly it from 100m away rather than the pretty restrictive 20m covered by the app.

Using the Drift mode on the controller, which has been specifically designed for racing, you can disable its stabilisation, or opt to go one step further with the full-on Racing mode that switches of autopilot so you can take the controls and test your skills in the skies.

The battery should last for ten minutes even in racing mode and it can reach speeds of up to 18mph.

The kind souls behind the Mambo FPV have also opened it up so you can develop your own commands for it using Tynker and Swift Playground.

The Parrot Mambo FPV kit will be available to buy before the month is out for £159.