Although the Lily drone just ended up being another Kickstarter scam, with only some of the campaign’s backers receiving their money back, a new Lily drone has now been released and actually, it looks more impressive than the original set-up.

The device has been launched by the Mota Group, which bought the Lily brand name from its original inventor. It looks pretty much the same as the original, but the internals have been greatly improved and hey it’s now a real thing, which is a huge advancement.

Although lily doesn’t launch by throwing it in the air, as its predecessor was supposed to do, it does take off just by pressing a single button. Its highlight feature must be its 4K video recording, which can take stills at a resolution of 13-megapixels, video at 120fps (slow motion video records at a resolution of 720p). It also features an auto-follow mode, which the company says can allow you to record yourself canoeing, for example, although it’s not waterproof as the original Lily was supposed to be, so watch out it doesn’t run out of battery.

The Lily design is foldable, meaning it’s super-compact for throwing in your backpack and taking it on outings with you. Its legs and blades simply fold together to transform it into a neat little package. Smart hover is also supported, making it super-stable when it’s in a fixed position.

Critics have described the Lily next-generation drone as a boring rebirth,  but we don’t think that’s really the case, especially as the original didn’t even launch. If you’re in the market for a new camera drone, we recommend you check it out, although the price may put a lot of people off. The Lily drone is available for $699 (£526), although Mota has put it up for sale for $499 (£375) for the first few days.