Although Lego has developed its own robot, there’s no harm in looking at others that may do the job better. Enter Maunzi, a robot that can be created with your existing Lego pieces to create whatever type of robotic creature your require.

Everything is compatible with the standard Lego brick shape, meaning you can use your leftover pieces to create a completely personalised robot. Whether you want to create a humanoid robot, an insect-like pet or something altogether more complicated (such as a car-based transformer – yes pleas), you can put your building skills to the test.

It’s aimed at children aged seven or above. After you’ve built your robotic creature, you can programme it using the company’s Maunzi Lab Software either on a laptop or tablet. It can them be controlled using swipes on your smartphone or you can even programme it to react to real-life movements, such as clicking your fingers.

The basic kit comprises a number of components you can attach with the Lego cubes. They include the Window Cube, which acts as your robot’s brain, the Motor Cube, which makes your robot move, the Lighting Cube, that includes an LED lamp, the Rotation Cube that allows the robot to rotate and the Connection Cube, which makes all the other modules communicate with each other. The Canon Cube adds a bit of fun to the robot, allowing you to create shooter games with your friends.

Goldrabbit, the company behind Maunzi is selling the robot in packs with a combination of different modules to do different things. They start at €77 (£70), which we think is quite the bargain!

Although the product looks amazing, it’s only so far managed to raise €3,500 of its €25,000 goal and we think if it’s as good as it looks, it’s definitely worth backing on Kickstarter!