GamePRo is the ultimate robotic device for avid gamers, tagging onto a 3DS and automating some of the areas of gameplay. For example, software has been written for the Pokemon game, which can automate the process of automatic breeding and soft resetting for shiny Pokemon.

It works using servo motors to press buttons on the console in a particular order, so the user doesn’t have to. Although it can’t play the entire game, it’s been designed so some of the more arduous tasks can be completed so the player can focus on the more interesting elements.

GamePRo is using a Kickstarter campaign to upgrade the existing device’s construction from fabricated plastic or aluminium unit produced by CNC machining or 3D printing, which was proving too costly to make for widespread appeal, to injection moulded parts.

The company is selling the parts and units from NZ$ 85 for the new servo mounts, NZ$ 175 for an unconstructed GamePRo kitset, up to NZ$ 200 for the new injection-moulded model that has been set up and calibrated, ready to go. The aluminium version is still available for NZ$ 350, although it’s now touted as a limited edition.

The majority of backers have received their new GamePRo devices now, but Carl Newby, the man behind the robot, said he’ll be opening up a store on his own website and selling them on Amazon and eBay when those have all shipped, so anyone can get their hands on one.

Although some may consider what the GamePRO actually does is cheating (remember all those cheat books you could buy for the Playstation, MegaDrive and other consoles back in the 1990s?), it’s a great idea that will hopefully see more developers designing applications for in the near future.