WhereScape has released its latest robotics innovation – automated data streaming, with businesses able to stream live data to process, rather than using the data that’s already residing in a data centre.

“We, at 451 Research, are seeing increasing interest in stream-based processing from mainstream companies, but many companies are lacking the internal resources and skillsets to know how to pursue the integration of these new technologies effectively and efficiently,” explained Matt Aslett, research director at 451 Research.

“Streaming data automation can fill that gap for organizations, ensuring best practice integration, and enabling them to make the most of the opportunity real-time data provides within their existing data infrastructures.”

Traditional, batch-based data analysis involves processing data that’s loaded on a regular basis – every day, week or month for example. Although that’s great for data that doesn’t change much or doesn’t have an immediacy, real-time data processing is a much more useful tool, because the information can be analysed in real time too.

For example, medical information from IoT devices might need to be analysed 24/7 to ensure a patient’s health isn’t suffering, while social media data might be so voluminous, streaming the data to process is a much more efficient way of analysing so much.

It could be that a company doesn’t have the capacity in their data centre to store such swathes of information and WhereScape can solve this issue by offering the through-flow of data.

“Businesses understand the significant potential that being able to take advantage of real-time data offers to their organizations. However, IT teams – already stretched for time – now face the added challenge of understanding and incorporating these new data sources and streaming-related technologies into their analytics environments,” said Mark Budzinski, CEO at WhereScape.

“WhereScape automation can ease the learning curve and process of integrating this new data paradigm.”