Io-Tahoe has launched a machine learning tool that will help businesses better prepare for the incoming General Data Protection Regulations coming into force next May.

Although best known for its data discovery technology that reads data lakes and relational databases, this new offering can pick up any sensitive data that may be present in a business’s network and catalogs the information for an organisation to act.

“The burdens the GDPR places on companies are significant,” said Oksana Sokolovsky, CEO of  Io-Tahoe. “However, the burden can be lessened if executives act now to implement the appropriate strategies to reach compliance.

He added that manual approaches to finding such data don’t necessarily pick up the right information or all of the data, meaning companies are often left exposed.

“Automated discovery of these data relationships across heterogeneous technologies within the enterprise is critical to documenting, understanding and managing data and, ultimately, to protecting it,” he said.

The GDPR-focused product can discover personal data stored in a relational database or data lake, automatically identifying where is resides, how it moves through the system and whether it’s transferred according to the GDPR’s guidelines, specifically Article 9 and Article 17, which refer to the processing of special categories of personal data and the right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) respectively.

It also monitors personal data for any breaches or non-compliance and can help businesses implement the the tools and resources needed to create relevant reports for regulatory authorities. If a customer requests that you remove their data from your system, you can dispose of it in accordance with the law, ensuring you’re complying in every possible scenario.

This entire process happens using machine learning technology, which Io-Tahoe is hoping to patent in the near future.