Verint’s AI-powered HR software is making it easier for employees to manage their schedules, combining voice assistants with automation to make it easier to work on the move.

As part of its drive to enable mobile workforces, the company has added Enhanced Mobile Capabilities Workforce Management (WFM) to its platform, helping employees break away from their desks and become more productive. This also has benefits for employers as workers can set rules that means business interests are respected, while offering the employees the most flexible options to complete their tasks.

It’s implemented via the WorkView app, compatible on iPhone and Android and allows workers to request time off and swap shifts, compare their latest performance metrics with group average, making them more motivated to perform better.

From an employer point of view, WorkView offers automated approval of schedule changes and allows employees to see which shifts are available for swapping based on rules defined by management.

With collaboration an essential part of any digitally-focused business, it also includes internal communities, employee surveys and Gamification to help workers learn and socialise while getting the job done to their best ability.

AI personal assistants help employees better manage their schedules, telling them when they need to be at work and let them know when they’re due a break. This boosts productivity for the business and ensures employees are in the best frame of mind to get the tasks completed.

“Verint’s automation solutions for WFM—as well as the automation infused throughout our broad solution portfolio—continue to have growing impact on the customer engagement industry, and we’re committed to furthering our leadership and introducing even more next-gen advancements in the areas of machine learning and natural language processing,” John Goodson, Verint’s GM and SVP of products said.