If it always gets to the same part of the day and you’re desperately in need of a caffeine hit, look no further than Mugsy to provide you with the energy injection you need to get you through to 5.30.

The open-source AI coffee machine remembers your favourite coffee-based drink, whether a latte with two sugars, a dark a stormy double espresso or a flat white with a sweetener. Just place your order by text, tweet or voice using Alexa, and your coffee with be made exactly as you like it.

Unfortunately, it won’t then deliver the drink to your bed/desk/favourite comfy chair, but it will make sure you’re completely satisfied as soon as you take that first sip.

Mugsy is much more complex than just pressing ‘go’ on your coffee machine. You can choose exactly how you’d like it to make your hot beverage for you.

“Mugsy is a robotic pour over machine,” Matthew Oswald, Mugsy’s creator said. “Every aspect of the brew can be controlled, from grind size to water temperature and even the pour over pattern.”

The coffee robot also offers guidance to help you make you craft your perfect coffee.

“Mugsy also uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn how to make a cup of coffee that perfectly fits with your preferences,” Oswald added. “We didn’t want to have users learn a new clunky app, mobile communication has been solved already… So you can already tweet to Mugsy, ask Alexa or even use things like Slack and the command prompt.”

Mugsy can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter now, where it’s already smashed its funding target of £17,948 – by more than £4000 and there’s still 10 days to go until the campaign ends.

So if you want to drastically improve the task of making yourself coffees throughout the day, take a sneaky peek at Mugsy and preorder for delivery by November.