One of the biggest bugbears for small businesses is automating their social media posts to make sure they’re regularly posting relevant, interesting content, perfectly placed for their audience. Social networking can be laborious, but Re/Max is trying to change that for estate agents and brokers.

Developed by BombBomb, Social Prompt provides its affiliates with pre-written content that’s autonomously posted on their social channels at the best times to engage potential customers and close sales.

Every post is aligned to the brand that’s using it, making it even more relevant for individual businesses under the Re/Max umbrella.

“We’re excited to introduce a social media platform that provides posts to consumers and agents and, upon review, automatically posts on behalf of the Re/Max affiliate — saving them time and resources,” said Steve Pacinelli, BombBomb’s chief marketing officer.

“Think of it as a complimentary social media assistant. It’s free, requires little to no effort, keeps agents and brokers in control of every post and starts new conversations with customized landing pages.”

At the moment, the free package offers four pre-written and pre-designed posts a month for Facebook, focused on agent recruiting and retention, national housing trends, and other housing-themed posts. They will all lead followers to landing pages set up to convert leads.

A premium plan allows agents to add videos to their posts and post concurrently to more social networks.

“Whether you’re a top producer or aspiring to be one, BombBomb’s new social media technology will support every agent in our network who is looking for ways to work smarter and connect with consumers in the digital space,” Pete Crowe, Re/Max’s senior vice president of communications and marketing said.