Believe it or not, there’s such thing as professional drone racing, which, as the name suggests, sees racers take their machines to the skies in a head-to-head battle for speed and agility.

Of course, the drone used has a big part to play, but the competitions also set out to find the most skilled racers too.

Tanky has developed a professional racing drone it hopes will top the charts for anyone who decides to buy it up for use in racing activities.

Although photography drones are great at what they do – taking photos – they are not designed for speed, the company behind Tanky said and that’s why it decided to develop a drone that gives the user full control of how it moves through the air.

“Tanky does exactly what you want it to do, when you want it,” the company explained. “It can go incredibly fast, flip, roll, and race through the trees. Tanky lets you truly experience flight, not just observe it.”

Three versions are available from the company’s funding page on Kickstarter: Ready to Fly, which includes everything right out of the box, Bind and Fly, which just needs the controller and transmitter added, and the Pro Pack, which requires the addition of the controller, transmitter and motors tagged on.

Tanky explained what makes its drone so perfect for flying is its lightweight design, making it more aerodynamic, compact and agile. It does include a camera for navigation purposes, but taking pictures is not its priority.

Tanky will race for between four and nine minutes, although battery life depends on the speed and aggression of flight. Batteries are hot swappable to ensure your experience isn’t hindered by lost juice. You can race the drone for up to 1.5 miles, after which it will go into flight safety mode and will undertake a controlled crash landing.

You can find out more about Tanky on the company’s Kickstarter funding page.