CliQ makes your entire home smart, linking up everything and reacting to your movements, actions and schedule.

It’s a group of sensors you can place around you home and programme them to react to whatever you need them to do.

For example hook it up to your lighting system, so as soon as you open your front door, the lights in your hallway will come on so you can see where you’re going. Sit down on your sofa and tap the sensor on your armchair to turn the TV on without having to find the remote control, or tap the sensor on your fridge to order takeaway if your realise you don’t have all the ingredients to make your planned dinner.

CliQ can also become a motion detector, so if it senses movement while you’re at work, it can alert you that someone may be in your home. Attach it to your bike or laptop and get an notification on your phone if they’re moved.

The system will also monitor what you’re doing and can remind you to stay on course with your fitness, sleep, healthy eating or anything else you may need reminding about.

“Habits are difficult to break,” CliQ explains on its Kickstarter page. “Most of our behavior is automatic, like programmed software running in our unconscious. Building productive habits is a matter of repeating a desired behavior over a long enough period of time so they become automatic.

“CliQ can help keep you on track, allowing you to build good habits and monitor your progress. Tell CliQ to send automatic reminders and alerts to make sure you are not falling off course.”

The company has far exceeded its target of £37,719, raising £40,590 so far in its campaign. There’s only a week left, but the company is hoping it’ll now reach its stretch goal of £100,000, which will offer wireless charging as a feature too.