Google is trying everything in its power to make a dent in the autonomous market, whether that’s through robots, autonomous cars or drones.

Its most recent patent fits into this last category, showing off a drone that can follow you from room to room, providing the technology for you to host a conference call as you roam your manor.

Unlike regular telepresence robots, this drone can go up stairs, making it perfect for office spaces and home offices, or if you just want to pop downstairs from your converted attic room to make a cuppa.

Other features of the home flying object include a projector or a screen so you can see who you’re talking to.

It’s an H shape, making it more nimble than regular quadcopters and because it’s made of lightweight materials, it’ll be able to dodge any obstacles in its way.

The patent also refers to technology that will automatically correct distorted images to give the best picture possible while it’s cruising around.

A smartphone can also be docked to the design, although the purpose for this isn’t clear – it may be to help with connectivity or could simply be so you don’t lose it while you’re roaming your house.

Although Google does stress the main purpose for its drone is to collaborate with colleagues when you’re not working from the same place, it could also be used by medical professionals consulting with patients or an instructor providing students with lessons remotely.

The patent was first filed in August, but has now been updated with a few tweaks.