SMAO is the smallest VR drone in the world according to its makers, with a chassis measuring just 6.5cm and a weight of just 40g.

As they say – all good things come in small packages though and SMAO is no different, with a host of premium features including the ability to record in 2K resolution with anti-shake cam, a VR connection, and stability you only normally experience with much larger drones.

With its strong height-fixed system, SMAO can fly around with high accuracy and steadiness, giving you a clear vision and the chance to enjoy the view of the fields and rivers whenever you feel like it.

Want to take a different route? Just draw it on your mobile’s screen and SMAO will switch to the new path to see where it takes you. It also features a gravity mode, where the drone will react to the way you move your phone. For example, if you want to give it a bumpy ride, just shake your handset and the drone will follow the path.

If you do decide to take this option, SMAO will be protected from any bumps thanks to its “high-strength grid structure armor,” although the company behind the drone hasn’t revealed what it’s made from.

SMAO connects to the controller via Wi-Fi, giving you complete control over its route and even perhaps carry out stunts in the sky such as a 360-degree turn. Of course, SMAO’s tiny size makes it perfect for navigating around small spaces – perfect for exploring derelict buildings only the birds can usually access.

You can also use VR glasses with the drone, viewing the world exactly as the drone sees it and immersing yourself in whatever surroundings you’re currently exploring.

You can instantly edit and share any footage you record using SMAO on your mobile as it happens, tweeting or Facebooking until your heart’s content.

You can back the SMAO campaign on Indiegogo, buying one of the drones for just $89 (£69) – what a bargain!